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Rumor: Upcoming The Initiative Title Told To Share Perfect Dark Overtones Without Being A Directly Intertwined Entry

Posted on August 27, 2020 by Nick Moreno

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Since the studio’s founding back in 2018, The Initiative has grew an enigmatic aurora around Santa Monica team regarding the possible projects underway from the new developer. Although the firm has yet to properly establish the direction the studio will be approaching for its inaugural title, the community that follows has began to conjure some speculation as to what it might be.

For those who might recall from April this year, one employee who then-recently departed from the developer listed his efforts when working at the studio. Elaborating on what he developed via LinkedIn, it was disclosed that the unannounced title included “scripted various weapons, gadgets, and a camera surveillance system.”

Gathered from the news beginning to circulate online, fans concluded that The Initiative could potentially be reinvigorating the current Perfect Dark property initially founded by Rare. Even more, the speculation continued to swell following two findings on Twitter for an account for Perfect Dark and Fable. And while the Lionhead Studios’ series did receive its public debut with a complete reboot underway later on, it is expected the same could be said for Perfect Dark anytime.

To continue fueling the hype train for the undisclosed The Initiative title further, VentureBeat Jeff Grubb openly told the project to be Perfect Dark. On Twitch during this Tuesday’s Kinda Funny Games Daily, he commented that “it’s perfect dark” a total of three times. The claim swiftly grew attention as many began to grasp a potentially premature foundation on what game The Initiative is developing.

But it was not long until Grubb later reiterated on the initial claim where he elaborated on the matters. In that, he told that while it the project could be directly inspired from the source material of Rare’s property, it might not be a direct entry or offer a strong connection to the Perfect Dark storyline. Instead, he compares the game to be alike Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends.

“Think about the link between Apex Legends and Titanfall. Respawn says those two games exist in the same universe, and The Initiative’s game may not even have that strong of a connection to Perfect Dark,” Grubb explaining the context of The Initiative title tells. “But no one considers Apex Legends a Titanfall game, and it’s likely that no one will really consider The Initiative’s game a Perfect Dark.”

Grubb is well-known for his involvement for in disclosing tangible information on unannounced projects. More so for Nintendo-related entities, Grubb has told accurately on coming games and Direct presentations to keep the follower base afloat. But on other terms like Microsoft, he has proven to be less credible. In late June, Grubb was told to be dishing inaccurate information on Microsoft when he disclosed the firm to be already shelving the firm’s monthly showcases at the time. You can read the full report by heading here.

For the time being, it is best to consider what Grubb has shared as a rumor. While it is uncertain what exactly The Initiative is developing currently, it is still suggested to keep all rumors on the back burner for now until properly unveiled by the studio or its publisher later on.

What are you hoping to see from The Initiative in the coming months?

Source: r/Xboxnews, VentureBeat

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