Speculation For Microsoft Announcement At Game Awards This Week Following Post Suggesting Fans Tuning In

Posted on December 7, 2020 by Nick Moreno

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While 2020 surely has taken a toll on everyone around the globe as millions are instructed to remain socially distant and to exclude keeping in contact with large groups of people, this also included plenty of the most namely gaming events including E3 in Los Angeles alongside Gamescom in Colonge. But that does not exempt digital events from taking place. In that, many of these organizations resulted with online shows to replace the in-person fairs.

To close out this year, The Game Awards is to be one of those. Alike with Gamescom Opening Night Live being held on the internet, Geoff Keighley will also be hosting the annual awards show the same way. In anticipation for the event, Keighley and The Game Awards team released the two dozen plus nominations for this year’s show.

When leading up to the awards ceremony which will be taking place this Thursday, December 10, Microsoft suggests its user base to tune into this year’s virtual show. In a tweet on the official Xbox Twitter account, many gather the post to be the firm urging something will be presented.

For last year’s Game Awards show, Microsoft held two announcements, simultaneously: announcing the Xbox Series X & Hellblade II: Senua’s Saga. But now with the firm disclosing to not miss 2020’s show, it is likely the Xbox company will return to unveil another exciting addition to the gaming market. However, this will not be the elephant in the room.

That’s right, Halo Infinite will not be present at The Game Awards. In a reddit post, Community Director Brian Jarrard told that there will be a “high-level” update in regards to the title’s development, but it will be missing out on The Game Awards. To speculate on what Microsoft has been quite about, there is a likeliness that Hellblade II: Senua’s Saga will return to the stage. Microsoft emphasizes on the pre-show in the image, so maybe we will see someing before the official show.

In relevance to the Ninja Theory title as of late, the firm pressed back in June that Hellblade II: Senua’s Saga will be releasing in the upcoming Unreal Engine 5. You can read the full report on that by heading here.

Are you planning to tune into The Game Awards this week?

The Game Awards is set to go live on December 10, 2020 at 8 PM EST / 5 PM PST.

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