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Speculation For New Fable And Perfect Dark Games Emerge Following Discovered Placeholder Twitter Accounts

Posted on June 27, 2020 by Nick Moreno

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It was not too long ago that Xbox head Phil Spencer spared his two cents on the coming Xbox 20/20 July event. While it is still unsure where next month’s showcase will be – including June’s as well – it was surprising to hear some enticing details about the presentation. In that, Spencer when speaking during the Gamelab Live 2020 shared the approaching event will “please” many viewers who reflected the previous showcase back in May.

Additionally, Spencer also disclosed that Halo Infinite – the current launch title slated for the release of the Xbox Series X – would be a major focus for the presentation this July. However, looking to what other first-party projects will be shown, there is no other tangible evidence to suggest the latter of titles that will be present.

That was until users online uncovered what might be concrete proof for some unannounced titles. In particular, Fable and Perfect Dark. On Twitter when searching @fable and @PerfectDarkGame, you will find both accounts locked with “Placeholder” as the title for the profile.

You can see it for yourself in the image below:

Dissecting more of the details collected from the two accounts, the Fable account has been live since March of this year, but the Perfect Dark profile only came to be since this month surprisingly. Stepping back a few months and even a year or two to assign these games to developers also looks to align for a possible reveal next month also.

For the more enticing Fable game, it was reported back in January 2018 that developer Playground Games would be helming a new title for the famous Microsoft series. Since the closing of Lionhead Studios in 2016, it was unsure what the future held for the RPG franchise. At the time of reporting then, the Forza Horizon studio was shared to be opening a new branch with 200 employees assigned for the unannounced Fable project.

Secondly, the Perfect Dark title looks to align with a previous report for Santa Monica developer, The Initiative. Earlier in April, a former developer that worked at the first-party team spared some of his involvement at the studio via LinkedIn. In that, he disclosed to have conjured certain spy gadgets alongside a surveillance system as well: all appears to fit with the Perfect Dark atmosphere.

Although nothing is supported with a sturdy foundation, the speculation does share to be likely based off what supports the claims. But as always, take these presumptions with little fact until properly disclosed by either Microsoft or the respected developer.

What do you hope to see at the coming July Xbox 20/20 showcase?

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