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The Witcher Netflix Adaptation Said To Drop This Coming Fall

Last year, media streaming platform Netflix revealed that they are in the works of bringing a new series based on CD Projekt Red’s The Witcher to their subscription service sometime in the coming future. Unsure of when exactly though, Netflix did later update those anticipating the show be announcing the Henry Cavill will be taking the lead as Geralt.

Now according to Netflix CCO Ted Sarandos, fans who have waited patiently should be happy to hear that the show is aimed to release sometime in Q4 for the stream-based company. When exactly this indicates is between October to December of this year.

Sarandos has also shared that the show is currently being filmed in Hungary and is expecting the show to grab a bigger audience thanks to success of the both the Polish book series and game adaptations from CD Projekt Red.

A big new original series that we’re currently shooting in Hungary called ‘The Witcher,’ that is an enormous European IP, very popular game and Book IP, that we think is going to make a really fun global series.

In other videogame related news regarding Netflix, it is also worth noting that the entertainment streaming platform is also in the works of brining an Devil May Cry series as well. What makes this even more exciting is that Producer for Castlevania which has already dropped its second season on Netflix will be taking lead on creating the animated show based on Sparda’s second son.

Those interested in the upcoming Netflix series based on Andrzej Sapkowski book series can view the first glimpse of Henry Cavill as Geralt here.

Source: Variety

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