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Xbox Series Consoles Makes Record Sales In Japan Compared To Xbox One Reaching 100k Units

Although many users reside in terms of owning an Xbox, Microsoft since the Xbox One decided to pull official numbers for the sales figures for its flagship hardware – at least for the video game division that is. Despite that, Microsoft has continued to celebrate the record performance of the Xbox Series console at the launch of it all last November at the time.

Even more, Phil Spencer went on to remark prior to launch the impact the new systems will deliver to the industry. Namely, the Xbox Series S thanks to its cheap price could outperform the ever more powerful Xbox Series X in due time. In April it was uncovered through Microsoft’s financial report that hardware revenue for Xbox swelled 232 percent following the newest consoles releasing.

This week, it was relayed by Twitter user @Welfare_Queen_J that the Xbox Series platform shatters sales performance for Xbox in Japan. Well known that Xbox does not have a great stance in the region compared to Nintendo or Sony, the results illustrate impressive growth for the Xbox Series system. That being it reaching 100K units within the first year.

From Install Base, a report for Japan’s hardware sales discloses Xbox Series systems overall sit at 91,444 units currently. But conveyed by Famitsu elsewhere, it is projected that the Xbox duo is to overtake 100,000 sold systems by week 50. In contrast to the Xbox One, it took the older sibling system more than 219 weeks (50 months) for the hardware to reach the same metric.

While Xbox is still not prevalent in Japan as it is in the United Kingdom or North America, Phil Spencer explains continued ambitions to make relevancy within the region. Speaking with Tango Gameworks’ Shinji Mikami, he elaborates on working with Japanese creators, developers, and publishers endlessly as xCloud also debuts for the country also. You can read the full report by heading here.

Are you surprised by the results for Xbox Series consoles in Japan?

Source: Install Base

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