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New Report Reveals PlayStation 5-fitted Remote Play Device ‘Q Lite’

Posted on April 6, 2023 by Nick Moreno

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In recent times, growing reports on Sony’s efforts to iterate on the current console generation has increased with claims of new revisions on the main hardware plus additional accessories. Firstly, a rework for the PlayStation 5 SKU is to be one singular model which does not come with a disc drive. Instead, it is told there will be an option to purchase one separately to attach to the system via a USB-C connection.

Additionally, other claims reveal that a separate project codenamed ‘Nomad’ will introduce the first ever PlayStation ear buds. The same report goes on the disclose a separate initiative for codename ‘Voyager’ which is a new gaming headset. The report tells that the prototyped product is to align similar with the official Sony Inzone headset suited for console.

According to Insider Gaming, Sony is also prototyping a new mobile device. However, unlike the PlayStation Portable or PlayStation Vita, this new iteration is said to be a dedicated remote play device instead. Already, most smart devices being Android & iOS do support this feature for PlayStation 5 since 2021, but a fitted device solely for that is told to be in active development under the moniker ‘Q Lite’.

What surprises many from this story is the lack of awareness for proper cloud streaming integration for the alleged handheld. Over at Microsoft, Xbox Cloud Gaming is a hallmark platform already – even if its behind Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Previously, President & CEO Jim Ryan said that an exclusive cloud streaming project was underway at Sony, but evidently this might not be attached.

This does surprise many with the number of growing cloud-based devices. Already, Microsoft has two partnered devices that offer this feature. From Logitech with the self-named G Cloud handheld. Moreover, Razer also is offering the same with its own name-shared device, Razer Edge 5G later this year.

What are you most intrigued about the PlayStation ‘Q Lite’?

Source: Insider Gaming

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