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No Man’s Sky Boss Gives Advice To Fallout 76, Sea Of Thieves & Anthem Developer Regarding Rocky Launches

Back in 2016, you should be able to remember the launch of No Man’s Sky and how the game was painted a hoax with lies promising expansive and diverse worlds filled with plenty of interactive experiences and even multiplayer. And for the most part that happened to be true for the space explorer title, but Hello Games instead of abandoning the project went back to the drawing board to gives fans what was initially promised and looking at the game nearly three years later has done most of that.

Multiplayer has yet to arrive to the game, but the studio has already announced that it is planned to be added sometime in the coming future for the upcoming Beyond Update. Along with the bevy of other content releases for the game as well as migrating to Xbox One, No Man’s Sky has re-earned the trust for those who originally purchased the game back in 2016.

And following all of that, Hello Games’ Head Sean Murray has learned a great amount regarding games with unanticipated releases and what primarily developers should do if their title slips through their fingers at launch when not meeting consumer expectation. During this year’s Developer Conference in Brighton, England, Murray speaking of recent titles such as Anthem, Fallout 76 and Sea of Thieves should follow his advice: “Your actions are so much more important than what you say.”

There have been a number of games that have since come out, had a polarising launch, and that explosive mix of loads of people playing it but also problems. And I can see EA, Microsoft, or Bethesda try to placate players by just talking to them, but for right or wrong, it just doesn’t really work.

Though it is pretty obvious from what Murray told GameRadar, him along with the team at Hello Games are familiar with the situation as the studio has experienced following the launch of No Man’s Sky. He goes on to share that the radio silence from the developer was difficult to deal with at times, but ultimately paid off when the studio returned to share what they have been working on.

I sat down so many times and wrote the perfect blog post that was going to explain everything about the game’s development, and the road map going ahead. But I could see that it didn’t hold credibility with regards to where we were at.

As for teams that have endured the post-launch criticism of their titles, Murray hopes that the teams at Rare, Bethesda, and BioWare take note as he have witnessed the same situation happening to their projects. We are already seeing the turn around and high hopes that the developers/publishers have shown regarding the rocky launch for the mentioned titles, but now we need to see more development that is being said rather than just being talked about.

Recently, Electronic Arts detailed that the publisher isn’t looking to give in to the backlash from the fans and plans to put more down for Anthem. As for Fallout 76, it seems in an attempt to bring more content to the Appalachian wastes with battle royale Nuclear Winter, fans are not as thrilled as they would have anticipated.

Source: GamesRadar

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