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Report: Microsoft Shares Interest For Xbox Achievement Overhaul Including Its Own ‘Platinum’

Posted on September 12, 2023 by Nick Moreno

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Photo Credit: Windows Central

Although Microsoft in its own respect is noted for some achievements that furthered the industry, it is healthy for companies to learn from their competitors. And it is already evident that Xbox could take some notes from PlayStation. One being the DualSense controller. Previously, Phil Spencer pressed that there is interest to explore an Xbox gamepad including similar features to the PlayStation 5 controller.

Additionally, the Xbox firm has other windows to find other influence from the PlayStation firm. Elsewhere, the arrival of PlayStation Plus in 2022 also welcomed more Trophies for legacy releases. And although the Xbox is the pinnacle of backwards compatibility, there is no supported achievement system for older titles. Many players are eager to hopefully see this be implemented for the list of original Xbox games some day.

In a recent Xbox Two Podcast episode, Windows Central’s Jez Corden told Microsoft is interested to explore possibly implementing Xbox own take on the Platinum Trophy in a greater overhaul for the achievement system. You can view the segment of the podcast in the video below:

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“I’ll tell you right now, I did speak to an Xbox exec at Gamescom specifically about the Platinum achievement – they said they want to do it,” Corden expresses. “It’s just a matter of priorities and time. So I do think the Xbox Platinum achievement and improvements [for the] achievements system will come, it’s just the case of getting through the other stuff they want to do right now. […] When, I don’t know, but I hope soonish.”

Corden elaborated that Microsoft’s time table is limiting on the attention towards the matter with other features taking focus. He mentions the OneDrive feature which was a begged update for over a handful of years. On the other side of the fence, PlayStation did reshape its Trophy system not too long ago in 2020. You can read the full report by heading here.

Do you hope to see Xbox achievements be reworked with a Platinum achievement?

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