Report: Sony Is Shrinking Its Virtual Reality Effort With Only Two Game In Development For PlayStation VR 2

Posted on July 10, 2024 by Nick Moreno

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The state of PlayStation VR comes as a surprise despite the massive platform and user base that resides on Sony’s consoles. While an highly-anticipated second peripheral developed for the PlayStation 5, multiple factors now leave the device in a poor position. Costing more than the compatible console as well as limited support for one. Additionally, missing backwards compatibility also.

Since then, reports went out disclosing the change of heart Sony Interactive Entertainment holds towards virtual reality. head of global business Eric Lempel tells The Financial Times that the VR market is a tough egg to crack and even more for PlayStation VR 2. Another telling sign for the unsure direction for the hardware is a new PC adapter for the headset integrating the device with SteamVR.

Now in a new report from Android Central, it is indicated that PlayStation VR 2 is closer to an afterthought than it was initially perceived. Not to say that the platform is not receiving any support, but, it is fairly minimal to say the least. It is reported that just two new titles are in development internally at PlayStation Studios.

During the early stages of the PlayStation VR 2 reporting, it was noted by UploadVR that the second Sony headset would fully embrace AAA titles to feature virtual reality as a second experience. However, this has been fairly limited to only a select number of games such as Resident Evil 4. Other titles that received versions were already on the first PlayStation VR and offered as a free upgrade.

Most notably, competition remains to be aggressive from other platforms. Specifically from Meta, the Facebook company continues to deliver a diverse library of titles and exclusively for its Meta Quest platform. As of this past holiday, PlayStation VR 2 tracked to sell only 10 percent of the Meta Quest 2. You can read the full report by heading here.

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Source: Android Central

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