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Shovel Knight Dig Gets September 2022 Release Date

Posted on September 2, 2022 by Nick Moreno

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After years with the original Shovel Knight IP, developer Yacht Club Games began to branch out the IP and outsourced the license to other teams to deliver new experiences with the brand in mind. So far, we witnessed the release of Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon when the game launched back in late 2021. But, there is another project underway for release.

Predating back to August 2019, Shovel Knight Dig was announced in collaboration with developer Nitrome. However, the lengths the project has gone took longer than anticipated. In February 2020, a release window for next year in 2021 was given. Howbeit, we learned that to not be the case with other titles like Cyber Shadow instead launching ahead of Shovel Knight Dig.

In a new trailer uploaded this week, it is revealed Shovel Knight Dig launches Later this September. You can watch the release date trailer in the video below:

“We put our full effort into making Shovel Knight’s newest adventure chock-full of fun gameplay and our signature humor. There are thousands of pixel-perfect level chunks, which are procedurally stitched together to create infinite adventurous combinations. Each trip down the well will bring you closer to discovering the secrets lying at the bottom. So, grab your trusty shovel blade and dig in an all-new direction- DOWN,” the blog post shares.

The game is listed to release on Nintendo Switch, PC, and Apple Arcade. However, Yacht Club Games in a statement to Gematsu confirmed that the previously-promised PlayStation 4 version alongside Xbox One will expect an update later on after this month’s release. A date was not provided since the initial comment.

Looking ahead, Yacht Club Games did share it plans to work on more Shovel Knight titles. But, that is not currently in its playbook. Instead, the developer is occupied with its next IP, Mina the Hollower. With digging mechanics, the game strives after the Game Boy Color era unlike SHovel Knight’s NES aesthetic. You can read the full report by heading here.

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Shovel Knight Dig launches September 23, 2022 for Nintendo Switch, PC, and Apple Arcade.

Source: Yacht Club Games

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