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Super Mario Movie Luigi Actor Charlie Day Expresses Interest For Luigi Mansion Movie If Given The Opportunity

Posted on March 17, 2022 by Nick Moreno

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In the timeline of video game movies that we live in, faithful adaptations are slowly entering the scene after roughly three decades of big budget films not scratching the itch that got players into the series in the first place. Recently we saw this with the release of Detective Pikachu alongside Sonic the Hedgehog later on. And with both the Universal Pictures & Paramount Pictures films respectively to get sequels, there are others brewing as well.

From Nintendo’s previous Nintendo Direct presentation this past fall, the firm unveiled its long-promised production for the Super Mario movie. Most interesting about the coming film adaptation was learning the casting for some of the characters like Mario portrayed by Chris Pratt and Jack Black as Bowser.

But, what if there are more films to come following this potential box office hit? Well, Luigi voice actor Charlie Day revealed in an interview previously that his is interested in carrying his new moniker to other projects such as Luigi’s Mansion.

Yeah, my son was just playing Luigi’s Mansion the other day on his Switch. Look, I’m thrilled to get the opportunity, I grew up playing Super Mario Brothers as did everyone I know so, we’ll see! It’s like anything else in life, I’ll go if I’m invited!

Of course, this does not confirm if the first film will branch into other productions – at least not yet. Like most Nintendo developed titles, the firm is also very restrictive on what is planned for the coming theatrical release for Super Mario. But, this is not the first time we saw Hollywood interested in making Nintendo films. Previously, Star Wars: Rogue One writer Gary Whitta told he’s interested to pen a script for a Star Fox film in the past.

Additionally, Metal Gear director Jordan Vogt-Roberts expressed his own ambition to tackle directing a Metroid film. Even more is we could already see our own casting for Samus Aran too! Captain Marvel star Brie Larsen is adamant to portray the character if the chance becomes a reality. You can read the full report by heading here.

Are you interested in seeing a Luigi’s Mansion movie if it materializes into reality?

Source: ComicBook

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