Xbox Game Pass Total Subscriber Headcount Now At 34 Million, Microsoft Shares

Posted on February 15, 2024 by Nick Moreno

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For roughly half a decade, Microsoft has entertained the idea of subscription-based services for gaming a la Xbox Game Pass. The last recorded number for the service officially released by Microsoft is 25 million. Of course, across console, PC, and cloud, many are interested if it will tread unto other platforms. In one statement, Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer said that the firm is not planning to ship the service for PlayStation nor Nintendo.

And with over $8,700 in value as of 2023 for users, a new concern emerged. Recently, an ad by GameStop disclosed ‘Microsoft Game Pass’. Amid these new rumors of exclusives going multiplatform, it definitely set the community ablaze. But, it was later clarified by insiders to be a typo. So, how is the service performing thus far?

Through its different avenues for the Xbox ecosystem, it is now updated to be over 34 million. This comes alongside the new addition of Diablo IV coming to Xbox Game Pass in March. Details remain light on what other plan the service has in mind for additional Activision Blizzard King games as of writing.

“We’re happy to share that Diablo IV will be available to play by the 34 million Game Pass subscribers on both PC and Xbox consoles beginning March 28! This is only the start of Xbox players being able to enjoy Activision and Blizzard games on Game Pass – we look forward to sharing more soon,” Xbox communications director Jeff Rubenstein writes.

Elsewhere in the recent podcast, it is said more Xbox games are to of course come to Xbox. However, the idea of exclusives is to be smaller within the next decade, says Spencer. “games that are exclusive to one piece of hardware – are going to be a smaller and smaller part of the game industry,” he said. You can read the full report by heading here.

Are you part of the 34 million subscribed to Xbox Game Pass?

Source: Xbox Wire

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