After years of waiting, Bethesda wants you to spend money on Starfield

Posted on June 11, 2023 by Tyler Nienburg

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We are a little less than 3 months away from the release of Starfield and it’s clear Bethesda & Microsoft are capitalizing on the opportunity to create custom products. Wondering what limited edition or collector editions were announced for Starfield? We are here to cover all of that for you.

The Starfield Xbox Series XlS Controller – $79.99 USD – You can purchase this controller now at most retailers.

The Starfield Xbox Wireless Headset – $124.99 USD – This is the first of its kind for Xbox and there’s no better way to introduce a custom Xbox headset with Starfield. It’s available for purchase now.

The Starfield Constellation Edition – $299.99 USD – The Collector’s Edition for Starfield is one of the biggest CE’s we’ve seen in recent memory. It is a little pricey, but looks worth every penny. It’s available for pre-order at retailers.

The Starfield Standard Edition – $69.99 USD – The Standard Edition comes with the base game, but if you pre-order you’ll be able to receive some in-game bonuses.

The Starfield Digital Premium Edition – $99.99 USD – This one comes with a lot of what the Constellation Edition comes with, but without the physical perks.

The Starfield Premium Edition Upgrade  – $34.99 USD – This edition is a little strange, but if you already own Xbox Game Pass and want some of the cool things you get with the digital premium edition you can get it for a low price.

For now that looks to be all of the special editions for Starfield. Are you willing to spend over $300.00 to get everything?

Starfield will be coming to Xbox Seires XlS and PC on September 6, 2023.

Stay tuned for more Starfield updates and news.

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